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Jesus Padilla
Division Vice President, Land-Based Spas

"I am honored to be a part of Mandara LLC, ensuring fiscal responsibility of each of our spas and also helping develop tailor made fiscal arrangements with any of our spa management projects."
Youlanda Deveaux
Regional Vice President, Bahamas, Caribbean & Latin America

"In a region known for its relaxed approach to business, my goal is to always deliver excellence. I achieve this through inspiring the spa team members to work toward their own personal dreams as well as professional goals. In the same vein, we are here to inspire each and every guest to take care of their well-being and share the belief that relaxation and taking care of mind and body is not a luxury, but instead a necessity."
Darryll Leiman
Regional Vice President of Operations, Pacific Region

"I have worked with Mandara Spa since it made its debut into the United States and have seen it flourish and evolve into an extremely sought after spa experience. My role is to ensure our spas maintain excellent service standards while maintaining the unique Mandara essence that has been carefully cultivated over the years."
Paula Hodgson
Vice President, New Business Development

"I am involved with all new spa projects and work closely with architects and interior designers from a spa operations point of view. In short, I ensure that spa design can be practically applied to diminish guest frustration and maximize business potential. We have been involved with the building of so many new spas that we are definitely the experts at advising on the details that make the world of difference to the service. "

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