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  Trent Munday
Senior Vice President - International

"If you want an example of just how important consistency of delivery is in building a strong hospitality brand, look no further than Mandara Spa! A consistent design philosophy, treatment menu, uniform, collateral, etc, are all important in building a business that delivers on a sensory brand level. Even more critical, though, is the considerable time and effort that goes into not only the initial training but also the follow up, refresher training. This ensures that the Balinese Massage you get on a remote tropical island in the Maldives or in a luxury hotel in the middle of downtown Moscow will be the same as you would get in Bali – the birthplace of Mandara Spa."
  Ranjit Kaur Gill
Director of Finance

"I am honored to be a part of the remarkable Finance team who has guided Mandara through these exciting but challenging times and propelled it to greater heights with its ingenious expansion strategies and brilliant financial direction and planning."
  Charlotte Tan
Senior Project Manager

"I am excited with our expansion into new countries, where many opportunities will open up for our business and individuals within the company. As we continue to evolve, our aim to provide an experience based on the traditions of Asian hospitality remains unchanged."

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